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prebuild 20040529
source 20031221
Stars in the Night:
prebuild 20040529
source 20031221
the Temple:
prebuild 20040529
alternative titlescreen:
prebuild 20040529
source 20031221
prebuild 20040529
source 20040529
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What is it all about?!
Gemhun is all about grouping gems/stones of a chosen amount together which will then dissappear. There will be plenty of different game-modes, theme- and network-support. It is inspired by FrozenBubble/Tetris and some others.
!!! Note !!!
Remember to update your level-data (pax) according to your binary or cvs checkout! For example old pax ( before 2004-01-31 ) won't load into the current gemhun because of missing parts in the pax-description... could be better - I know :)
schools out :)2004-12-27
Yess, I'm back to life again working on some internals within gemhun. First I've added a new sfx for combos. After this I've added some kind of a timeline for slides in order to move constantly. This looks nicer on smaller computers and also smoother on faster computers :) Slowly I'll convert every move-thingy to this timeline-thingy in order to freely change the fps according to your computers speed. Changes until now can be found in cvs.
winxp build2004-06-01
Just added a winxp build for testing :)

Read the release notes for correct usage and download it here.
automake 1.4 and the source-package2004-05-31
Hi there :)

My friend just told me that the source-package breaks when not using automake 1.4 while building it. So I hope, that this fix will help you. Get it here. It contains a "GemHunters" dir and some files. These will replace the broken links in the source-package with real files and will hopefully let you compile it... sorry for that.

Forgot one :)2004-05-30
I'm just uploading the actual versions of the pax files - prebuild and ready to play with...
  • get "Fairylands" here
  • get "Stars in the night" here
  • get "the temple" here
  • get "alternative Titlescreen" here
  • get "Jungle" here
Unpack them like this:
  • cd ~/.gemhun/pax
  • tar xzvf /path/to/file/fairylands-bin-20040529.tar.gz
TheBlackLion =^_^=
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Shots from release20031016

alternative titlescreen
this one was the former titlescreen... my beloved one likes this one more than the other... one can also see the new pax-selection-menu :)

just thought, that this would be nice. those gems will be replaced by leaves or something...

updated this one for menu-selection-support. download it from here (slow)

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