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prebuild 20040529
source 20031221
Stars in the Night:
prebuild 20040529
source 20031221
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prebuild 20040529
alternative titlescreen:
prebuild 20040529
source 20031221
prebuild 20040529
source 20040529
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How to start the game - pax'n'stuff...
Yess... here you've got me :)

Please make sure that the game could be run after you've installed it!
If not, send me an email along with some information:
  • The name and version of your linux distro.
  • Something about your cpu, gfx-board and soundcard.
  • The output which was created while compiling and starting the game.
  • What you have done and seen - clearly explained.
Note: When sending me emails please put the term gemhun into the subject-line. I'm getting too many spammails so I'm not gonna read every mail of senders I don't know about. Putting the word gemhun in the subject-line will help me filtering out important messages :) Thank you.

Now that we have this, we have to get a pax. A pax is a package which contains background gfx and data. Here we store the complete level-design. The alternative titlescreen is a special package which will be hidden automatically. Now decide whether you would like to download a binary or source package.

Binary installation:
  • Go to my download page and locate a pax which you would like to download. As an example download the fairylands-bin-20031016.tar.gz file.
  • Go either in your ~/.gemhun/pax or GemHunters-data/pax directory.
  • Unpack the package with
    tar -xzf /path/to/download/directory/fairylands-bin-20031016.tar.gz
  • Start the game and have fun! :)
Source installation:
  • I asume that you've already installed kyra and it's tools.
  • Go to my download page and locate a pax which you would like to download. As an example download the fairylands-src-20031221.tar.gz file.
  • Go into a temporary directory where you would like to build it.
  • Unpack the tar.gz file with
    tar -xzvf /path/to/download/directory/fairylands-src-20031221.tar.gz
  • Go into the newly created directory and run make.
  • On success run make install - otherwise create a bug report - sorry.
  • Start the game and have fun! :)
If anything went wrong and the game won't start, create a bug report just as mentioned above - thank you.

Now proceed to the next section in order to learn how to play this game.

Shots from release20031016

alternative titlescreen
this one was the former titlescreen... my beloved one likes this one more than the other... one can also see the new pax-selection-menu :)

just thought, that this would be nice. those gems will be replaced by leaves or something...

updated this one for menu-selection-support. download it from here (slow)

older shots >>