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Introduction - take your seat :)
Once upon a time there was a boy ( like me - hey! ). He was average looking, full of youth and single. Poor guy. Suddenly, an idea shot right into his boring mind "I need a girlfriend!". But how? Well, for some time he had no luck at all. After a while he wanted a car, too. Poor, poor guy. So he began to take some driving lessons. There he met a girl with long brown hair, big brown eyes, a beautiful face and a screemy greeny shirt. Argh! That was too much for him. From thereon he was addicted to her. After some weeks they came along and began to know each other quite near :). Let's skip this a bit. About a half year later or something, he bought her a computer and installed Mandrake Linux 8.0 on it. She liked it very much! Suddenly she discovered a game called Frozen Bubble - her biggest love for the time. Poor, poor guy. Some months later she began to think of improving FB - she felt that something like save or continue would be nice. "Ha!" he tought, "If I just write my own game, put in all her wishes and all my love, she will love me again!". Poor guy :). So he began to write his own game, with the idea of FrozenBubble, Tetris and some other games in mind. After a while, he presented his game to her - she loved it!

Well, in how far this story may be true is up to your imagination or something :) Let's say, I've just overdid it at some points...

So, what can one expect?
Well, since this game has the idea of FrozenBubble in mind, one could think of moving some round objects around, gain some points and bother your opponent - if he dares to play against you ;) That's the point. You have one or two gems at control. Move them over the playfield - from bottom to the top - combine more than 3 gems and gain some points for this. If you're good enough, your opponent will feel this when he sees how all those smilies bang into his playfield so that he can't combine anything anymore - sigh :)

Now go download the game and have some fun!

Shots from release20031016

alternative titlescreen
this one was the former titlescreen... my beloved one likes this one more than the other... one can also see the new pax-selection-menu :)

just thought, that this would be nice. those gems will be replaced by leaves or something...

updated this one for menu-selection-support. download it from here (slow)

older shots >>