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prebuild 20040529
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Stars in the Night:
prebuild 20040529
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prebuild 20040529
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source 20031221
prebuild 20040529
source 20040529
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Download the game - what?!
Hmm.. downloading the game is not that hard. Perhaps you've already done this. For those who don't know how to:
  • Go to the download page as shown in the left pane.
  • Locate the group gemhun.
  • Locate the release date 20040529.
  • Ask yourself if you want to install the rpm-, the binary- or the do-it-yourself-version.

Note: If a rpm failes to install or run, you might want to try to compile it for yourself. For this, get the src-rpms from the download-page and do something like this as root:
  • rpm --rebuild -ba kyra-2.0.7-1mdk.i586.rpm
  • rpm -Uvh /path/to/written/rpm/kyra-2.0.7-1mdk.i586.rpm

  • rpm --rebuild -ba GemHunters-20040529-1mdk.i586.rpm
  • rpm -Uvh /path/to/written/rpm/GemHunters-20040529-1mdk.i586.rpm

Binary rpm download: ( suitable for most users, build on Mandrake 9.1 / RedHat compatible )

Binary non-packaged download: ( suitable for a little bit experienced users - precompiled )

Source download: ( suitable for experienced users like developers )
  • Download SDL 1.2+, SDL_image, SDL_mixer, SDL_net from the SDL website. Also download the relating devel packages.
    Note that SDL is beeing distributed along most popular distributions like Mandrake, Gentoo, RedHat or SuSE.
  • Download ncurses - sorry not yet optional :) also get the devel-package! (these should also be found in your distro)
  • Get Kyra 2.x ( I'm always using the latest one ).
  • Download the file called GemHunters-src-20040529.tar.gz .

Proceed to the install section.

Shots from release20031012

title screen
background etc will be redesigned...

the temple
included in data and source package

addon-pax made for my beloved one ( because of this copyrighted background it can't be downloaded from the sourceforge website but from here (slow) )

stars in the night
addon-pax made with a beautiful background :) ( read this and download it here )

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