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Stars in the Night:
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prebuild 20040529
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prebuild 20040529
source 20040529
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Installation - do I need one?!
Have you read the download manual yet? Yes? Then read on...

Binary rpm installation:
  • Make sure that you've installed your SDL packages, first.
  • Install the kyra rpm-package.
  • Install the GemHunters rpm-package.
  • Open a console and type gemhun :)

Binary non-packaged installation:
  • If not already done, install those SDL packages, mentioned before, first.
  • Unpack, configure and install kyra if not already done.
  • Create a folder where everything should reside in. ( for ex. mkdir gemhun )
  • Go into it with cd gemhun
  • Unpack both gemhun archives:
    tar -xzf /path/to/download/directory/GemHunters-x86-20040529.tar.gz
    tar -xzf /path/to/download/directory/GemHunters-data-20040529.tar.gz
  • Go into the GemHunters-unix folder.
  • All those lazy users run ./

Source installation:
  • Install, if not already done, those SDL packages along their header files.
  • Unpack, configure and install kyra if not already done.
  • Unpack the gemhun source file:
    tar -xzvf /path/to/download/directory/GemHunters-src-20040529.tar.gz
  • Go into the newly created folder and run ./configure.
    Lazy people could then run ./ but this will also start the game :)
  • If the compilation was a success, try run src/gemhun

Proceed to the howto section.

Shots from release20031012

title screen
background etc will be redesigned...

the temple
included in data and source package

addon-pax made for my beloved one ( because of this copyrighted background it can't be downloaded from the sourceforge website but from here (slow) )

stars in the night
addon-pax made with a beautiful background :) ( read this and download it here )

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