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What is it all about?!
Gemhun is all about grouping gems/stones of a chosen amount together which will then dissappear. There will be plenty of different game-modes, theme- and network-support. It is inspired by FrozenBubble/Tetris and some others.
!!! Note !!!
Remember to update your level-data (pax) according to your binary or cvs checkout! For example old pax ( before 2004-01-31 ) won't load into the current gemhun because of missing parts in the pax-description... could be better - I know :)
Woah!! Too much for now...2004-05-29
This update is a big one :) The last weeks were harsh and mostly odd but now comes the summer - YAYY :)) This release has many bugfixes, improved memory management, new network code, rpm-support :) and other stuff around. See included Changelog for everything.. :) (So that's why they always say to update often...)

I'm slowly beginning to understand the magic behind rpm packages - so please test them and tell me how they work or what I could have done better. The spec files are also on the download page.

Note: I've included a kyra-src-rpm, a compiled rpm and a spec file. I've created them on my own so bug-reports around installing and using this rpm should go to me! The author of kyra is not responsible for my eventually broken rpms, you know?! :D Theses rpms were compiled on a Mandrake 9.1 system and worked fine on my Mandrake 10 Official - they might also run on some other redhat-based systems... try it!

There are some good days left :)2004-04-17
Developement is back to life again and brings some good smell along :) The last days I could fix some nasty memory bugs which could and have brought gemhun to crash at some wierd points. Those could also been the bugs who messed up finding and inspecting the correct config dirs like the one in your $HOME dir. I'll test this soon but as far as I can say is that compiling under gcc 2.96 is flawless again - at least on my redhat 7 distro :)

In short - what's new:

- a splash screen when loading level-data
- some speed improvements ( new fps routines )
- internal pax-tree-routines fixed (could crash)
- some really nasty bugs .. wen't to hell :))

Until I'm sure of those changes this will only be available on cvs along some pax I'v uploaded yesterday and today.

Started documentation-section!!!2004-02-01
Take a look at the left pane :)

Major update - well, somehow :)2004-01-31
Aside from rebuilding this website to use php for the ticker and shots stuff etc. gemhun itself has many new things to offer! It now has a simple in-game-menu, a second gem, better shooting-effects and very simple network-support ( well, you can chat a while... ). I've also been working on speed and stability improvements and would really like to hear how it behaves on your computer! Do you have a display with 1024x480 pixels? Well, my Vaio C1XD has this one and I've implemented some support for this. As default it will put black borders around the image. One can disable this in a pax-file. All pax have also been updated in order to support the shooting-effect... ( the engine can now move the whole playfield if there's a need to... )

Sorry for the long delay,
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Shots from release20031016

alternative titlescreen
this one was the former titlescreen... my beloved one likes this one more than the other... one can also see the new pax-selection-menu :)

just thought, that this would be nice. those gems will be replaced by leaves or something...

updated this one for menu-selection-support. download it from here (slow)

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