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source 20031221
prebuild 20040529
source 20040529
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Download the game - what?!
Hmm.. downloading the game is not that hard. Perhaps you've already done this. For those who don't know how to:
  • Go to the download page as shown in the left pane.
  • Locate the group gemhun.
  • Locate the release date 20040529.
  • Ask yourself if you want to install the rpm-, the binary- or the do-it-yourself-version.

Note: If a rpm failes to install or run, you might want to try to compile it for yourself. For this, get the src-rpms from the download-page and do something like this as root:
  • rpm --rebuild -ba kyra-2.0.7-1mdk.i586.rpm
  • rpm -Uvh /path/to/written/rpm/kyra-2.0.7-1mdk.i586.rpm

  • rpm --rebuild -ba GemHunters-20040529-1mdk.i586.rpm
  • rpm -Uvh /path/to/written/rpm/GemHunters-20040529-1mdk.i586.rpm

Binary rpm download: ( suitable for most users, build on Mandrake 9.1 / RedHat compatible )

Binary non-packaged download: ( suitable for a little bit experienced users - precompiled )

Source download: ( suitable for experienced users like developers )
  • Download SDL 1.2+, SDL_image, SDL_mixer, SDL_net from the SDL website. Also download the relating devel packages.
    Note that SDL is beeing distributed along most popular distributions like Mandrake, Gentoo, RedHat or SuSE.
  • Download ncurses - sorry not yet optional :) also get the devel-package! (these should also be found in your distro)
  • Get Kyra 2.x ( I'm always using the latest one ).
  • Download the file called GemHunters-src-20040529.tar.gz .

Proceed to the install section.

Shots from release20031016

alternative titlescreen
this one was the former titlescreen... my beloved one likes this one more than the other... one can also see the new pax-selection-menu :)

just thought, that this would be nice. those gems will be replaced by leaves or something...

updated this one for menu-selection-support. download it from here (slow)

older shots >>